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Success Minded Leader Programs and the 9 Success Mindsets

Our Success Minded Leader Programs are focused on creating an environment in which the 9 Success Mindsets of vision, passion, perseverance, creativity, compassion, risk-taking, self-motivation, seizing opportunities and positive thinking thrive. Inspired leadership shows up across all levels of your organization. In a flourishing environment, you find high-performing, energized, and engaged employees.

Do these issues sound familiar?

  • Unmotivated and unhappy employees
  • Underperforming teams
  • Gaps between current performance and what’s truly possible
  • Employees in dire need of “leadership” training that allows them to step into their roles and responsibilities
  • Current projects aren’t fulfilling on the organization’s vision
Success Minded Leader

Our Solution

Success Minded Leader provides three tried-and-true programs that successfully tackle these issues:

  • Becoming a Success Minded Leader
  • Fast-Track-to-Success
  • Individual Coaching
Each program can be delivered online, in-person or in combination.

Overviews of each program can be found below.

Success Minded, Immersive and Transformational 

Our Success Minded Leader programs are built on a foundation of solid qualitative research into how people realize success, personally and professionally. The programs were developed by a team of professionals with over 100 combined years of experience, knowledge, and expertise in corporate and workforce development, including team members with advanced degrees in leadership studies, psychology and communication.

Success Minded Leader programs are well-researched and proven with our Fortune 500 clients. We focus on growing people who grow your business.

Becoming A Success Minded Leader

Program Details

The core premises of the Success Minded Leader program include:

  • Mindsets are key in facing any circumstance. Mindsets determine how any situation will go.
  • A positive mindset that is authentic and grounded builds loyalty and inspires engagement.
  • The 9 Success Mindsets are innate in all of us. If they aren’t thriving, there are barriers/blocks in the way.  The job of a leader is to uncover and help remove those barriers.
  • It is essential to lead oneself before effectively leading others.
  • To bring out the Success Mindsets in those led, a culture of caring and trust must be built. In turn, the Success Mindsets can thrive and teams can collaborate.
  • Leadership means operating from commitment, accountability, and an inspired vision.
  • How a leader speaks and listens is at the heart of leading; listening is AS important or more important than speaking.
  • Leadership requires qualities of self-awareness, self-honesty, and self-discipline. Self-reflection is an essential habit for Success-Minded Leaders.


This program takes place over a span of 6 months with a series of five day-long sessions (delivered via online session, in person or a combination). Throughout the program, participants take what they learn in their session and apply them in their work environments.


Program Details

Perfectly aligned for first-time managers or supervisors, this project-based program develops your employees through the lens of the
9 Success Mindsets.

In this program, participants create and align on a Success Initiative that forwards the overall purpose of the organization (in addition to their own goals and objectives). They establish specific measures of success (SMART Outcomes), and design the strategic approach that will best fulfill their initiative. Throughout the program, participants gain critical communication tools that build their leadership skills and produce maximum results.

This program can be delivered online, in person, or in combination. In general, it takes place over a span of 4-6 months, beginning with an intensive 2-day program in which participants create their Success Initiative. The two-day intensive is followed by a series of monthly sessions in which they gain communication and management skills to successfully fulfill their initiative and gain critical leadership skills.

Choices to make:

  1. Choose the venue: On-site or Online via webinars or a blended approach.
  2. Choose the time investment: Two– or three-day sessions (can be delivered in half-day sessions), followed by coaching: cohort and one-on-one sessions are offered.
  3. Choose the group of individuals you wish to develop: Managers, supervisors or individual contributors.
  4. Choose the information you wish to discover through our assessments. Check out our Mini-Assessment.
  5. Contact us so we can build the best program for you!


Team and individual coaching is built into both the Becoming a Success Minded Leader and Fast-Track-to-Success programs to ensure learning comprehension, the 9 Success Mindsets are taking root and the Success Initiatives are moving forward.

Coaching is also recommended beyond the Becoming a Success Minded Leader and the Fast-Track-to-Success programs to ensure the behaviors being built have the best opportunity for success.

We also work with individuals to create customized Success Minded Leader coaching programs specific to their needs.

To learn more about our Success Minded Leader coaches, click here.

What Our Clients Are Saying…

“Because of the Success Factors Training, we moved the needle on the scores we received from patient surveys—from 33% to 74%. – Director, Evergreen Hospital

“I learned how to draw on others’ strengths in order to be more successful and build the team. I  have developed a more collaborative relationship with my co-leader through taking this course.” – Nurse Leader, Evergreen Hospital

“The Success Factors Training was very beneficial and useful in current challenges.” – Senior Leader, Costco

“Discussions and interactions were really helpful and relevant. I will use the success initiative process in all areas of my life to provide structure to my visions.” -Director, Federal Reserve of San Francisco


"I left with a renewed personal commitment to my work and items to share with my staff that energized them immediately to raise the bar in their work."
Director, Columbia Basin College

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