Spending Too Much Time Planning

Spending Too Much Time PlanningWhen too much planning prevents you from taking action.

When you’re excited about launching a new project, business, or partnership, do you love the planning that comes before the launching? Do you love throwing all your great ideas into an Idea Map and playing with what could be? This process is heaven for most Self-Starters. It’s the grand playroom of creativity, joy, and freedom. However, it’s also where Self-Starters can get bogged down, or stuck in their play dough.

You see, too much planning can prevent you from taking action! For some people, the planning process offers such creative fun that they forget to move into action and make things happen. Sure, you’re going to make mistakes. Everybody does! Even if they plan out every single little detail to the nth degree. It’s life. So take our advice and spend some time planning, but not too much time. You want to take the leap and get into action as soon as you can!

Because that’s what all you Self-Starters do best!