Squash Your Obstacles with Positive Thinking!

Squash Your Obstacles with Positive Thinking!Oh those obstacles… It’s like playing dodge ball. You no sooner leap away from one, when another one comes flying at you full speed!

We all get tired from what seems like relentless obstacles. Even the Self-Starters in my book face obstacles — all the time! But they know how to dodge them. They do it with positive thinking.

Self-Starters use positive thinking to get them where they want to go and stay there. They’ll tell you their glasses are always half full, and yours can be too, if you just keep a few positive thoughts at the top of your mind.

Write down three positive things about your life or your work, and when one of those pesky obstacles rolls your way, dodge it by thinking a positive thought and reminding yourself that your glass is always half full.

Keep positive thoughts at your fingertips, and use them!