Start a Success Initiative 

Success seldom comes to those who do things the same way they always have, then sit back and relax. Over decades of discussions with self-starters, I’ve found that those who throw their Passion, Vision and Perseverance into an initiative usually succeed.

You can use these Big Three Success Factors to jump-start your own professional initiative and encourage the same behavior in those who work with and for you. In our Fast Track to Success! program, we help participants craft and manage an initiative that ignites passion and makes a powerful and positive difference.

Organizational and Individual Initiative

We’ve helped plenty of companies craft new visions for success and we’ve also helped identify and guide self-starters within their organization. A successful initiative needs both! Let’s say you want to improve customer or client satisfaction in your company. As an initiative, that’s pretty broad. But you can begin with small initiatives, such as reassessing your customers’ needs. Your approach can be formal, such as extensive market research, or informal research, such as reviewing complaints and positive reviews, talking with key employees and managers.

Vision and Passion

No matter the approach, a few key steps help your initiative succeed. The first step, of course, is to consider ideas and the focus of your initiative. For a company-wide initiative to succeed, the idea needs to match or support your company Vision and strategies. At the individual level, your vision and initiative should be based on what you’re most passionate about. You might be surprised by asking yourself key questions about what fulfills you most, or what you’ve dreamed about since childhood to help target your true Passion. And we can help individuals in an organization tie their passion and values to the company vision.

Commitment and Perseverance

Successful initiatives require commitment to making a breakthrough in success. Here’s where Perseverance enters. Commit to your initiative, and success in general, on a daily basis. When setbacks occur, you’ll continue with your initiative, clear in your vision and commitment.

As you go on throughout the year with business as usual, you’ll need to continue committing to your initiative and looking for star employees who display initiative at work every day. These are the people who try things a little differently, but within the rules or guidelines, and who are among the first to volunteer to take on a new project. Set these employees on track as you broaden your initiative and improve overall company performance.

Of course, the root of the word initiative is initiate. So, the only way to really create positive change in your company or as a professional is to initiate, or start. Now.

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