What Our Clients Say About Success-Minded Leader

Success-Minded Leader Makes an Impact

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"The more I dig into the content and activities of this program the more clearly I see how I automatically utilize some of the mindsets while others not as much. Additionally, I see the strong tie between each mindset and the need for a balance of all 9 in order to provide the most impactful leadership."
–Employee Experience Manager, Salal Credit Union
“The Success-Minded Leader program is by far the most comprehensive, practical and valuable leadership training I have ever participated in. I have learned real life, practical skills - not just theory. Thank you Kevin and team for your patience and guidance through this process. I know my cohort and I will achieve more and reach a higher level of cooperation, communication, and teamwork, thanks to your efforts."
–Operations and Sales Manager
“Because of the Success Factors Training, we moved the needle on the scores we received from patient surveys—from 33% to 74%."
–Director, Evergreen Hospital
“The Success Factors Training was very beneficial and useful in current challenges.”
—Senior Leader, Costco
Success-Minded Leader
“The self-reflection within this course has been really beneficial. It's allowed me to step back from what I've done or am doing to see where I could better leverage these mindsets. My actions will be to continue to self-reflect daily and find a way to do something every day that will help my vision for our team grow and model the positivity and perseverance mindsets for the team.”
–Learning and Development Specialist, Trupanion
“I learned how to draw on others’ strengths in order to be more successful and build the team. I have developed a more collaborative relationship with my co-leader through taking this course.”
–Nurse Leader, Evergreen Hospital
“Discussions and interactions were really helpful and relevant. I will use the success initiative process in all areas of my life to provide structure to my visions.”
—Director, Federal Reserve of San Francisco
"I liked all of the reflection and found that by the end, the themes of my development are becoming really clear!"
—Director, Trupanion
"Great exercises to get clear on passion, vision, and perseverance. Loved the dialogue."
"Did not believe that I was passionate about work until today."
–James, SHRM conference
And more from our Bank of the West Workshop participants:
"The class was very informative. I feel I can take what I’ve learn today and apply to my work and my personal life."

"Good Structure, engaging teacher, informative stories, well facilitated discussions, fun collaboration with table."

" Enjoyed the stories, learned (better understood) some of the concepts i.e., risk taker “Ah-ha” moment related to how to take highest attribute to be successful."

"Very upbeat and inspiring workshop learning about the 9 factors of success, taking the Miller Success Factors Assessment and understanding my scores."

"Great stories! The people and their stories are truly inspiring! Julie, you shared great enthusiasm – it is obvious you are passionate about helping people become successful and gain pleasure from seeing others achieve. You were able to draw the group into lively discussions. The exercises make one think and identify concrete plans."

" I enjoyed the stories of real-life examples. They were motivational and inspiring. It helped me see that I can achieve my goals if all these other people could."

"Great stories! High Energy! Great team conversation!"

"Had a flow, logical progression within the stories and matter being discussed."

"I learned some valuable traits that I am not aware I truly have. Those are passion, creativity and positive thinking."

"Enlightening, reaffirming, encouraging, wake up call."

"I never so focused on myself or have looked at myself as closely as I did today. Today, I also realized I do not have a vision in what I’m doing; as goals or objectives to achieve. I was able to identify my strengths and weaknesses and how I can interweave each other for my success."