From One Entrepreneur to Others

It takes a successful entrepreneur to spot one. A recent article in USA TODAY shared insight from Steve Case, who helped found and develop AOL through its huge growth and eventual merger with Time Warner in 2001. Today, Case seeks out, guides and helps provide funding for start-ups.

Propelling you to the fastest, strongest YOUMany of the traits Case seeks in potentially successful entrepreneurs parallel those we identified as successful self-starters. For example, Case mentioned passion, one of the nine Success Secrets for successful self-starters. One definition of passion is following and doing your life’s work.

Perseverance is key to successful start-ups and to success as an individual self-starter. Case said his favorite quote from Thomas Edison about entrepreneurship is: “Vision without execution is hallucination.” Successful self-starters see their visions through.

Finally, Case says that the best managers surround themselves with good teams. Everyone on the team should have a clear vision for the department or company and have some of their own self-starter secrets.