Perseverance Trumps Adversity

Perseverance Trumps AdversitySelf-Starters persevere. No one escapes adversity. We all have our ups and downs, our challenges, our sadnesses, our setbacks. But it’s how we handle them that make us successful. Climbing into bed and pulling the blanket over our head is one option; whining is another. But Self-Starters redirect their attention and just keep moving forward—ignoring the naysayers and, with determination and down-right tenaciousness, they accomplish their goals and realize their vision.

Here are two ideas:

Ask yourself: What did I learn from a recent mistake? How will I do it differently next time?

Ask yourself: Based on this mistake, what opportunities did this situation create for me?

What other tips can you add to this list? It’s all about helping other Self-Starters on their journey.

People Who Persevere . . .

David Loaiza is one of the Self-Starters in my book, Secrets of Self-Starters. His story is an inspiration to all of us—someone who hung in there when the odds against his success were incredible. He grew up in a South American country in a home where they could not afford pencils, papers, or books for his schooling. David was not to be deterred—he dug in the garbage cans to find paper—smoothing it out and writing on the other side so he could copy his homework. He borrowed pencils from his classmates to participate in the exercises in class. He copied from the teacher’s textbook so he could do his homework at night.

His home life was chaotic and when times got tough, one slice of bread sufficed for dinner. But he received a gift—a chance to go to America and finish his education. This young man came to the States with no English, no friends, and no computer skills. Seven years later, he graduated with his Ph.D. in nuclear engineering. When you ask him, “How did you do it?!” His response: “You can decide on self-pity and whining or you can find a way to do what you want to do.”

People who persevere . . .

  • Are reliable for ‘staying the course’ and doing what it takes to achieve their goals and fulfill their commitments.
  • Are not stopped by ‘no’s.’

What other words or phrases can you add to this definition? Let’s build our own Self-Starter Wikipedia!