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Fast Track the Success of Your Employees

Fast Track Employees to Engagement and Success
Engaged employees are positive, energetic and passionate members of your team who help you grow your business. When employees are engaged, they tend to perform up to or above their skill levels and support your organization’s vision. How do you make sure that you’re growing your people so you can grow your business?
Answer, the Fast Track Success Program!                                       
Find out where your employees stand relative to the nine Success Factors by taking this reliable assessment. That’s the first step in our Fast Track program. Our carefully developed assessment tool has been shown as effective, consistent and reliable. You’ll get useful results to make informed decisions.
Success factors 
What good is an assessment if you do nothing with the findings? Our Fast Track program includes a three-day, intensive workshop that helps employees learn which success factors are their strengths, and which might need more development. Our program is tailored to your organization’s vision and assessment findings.
We’ll coach participants
Follow-up is crucial after a workshop or training. In the Fast Track program, we don’t stop after we walk out the door following the workshop. We’ll coach participants for 12 weeks, based on all nine success factors. And, we’ll help them successfully complete an actual hand-on workplace Success project.
A culture of engagement
To create and maintain a culture of engagement, leaders need to nurture relationships, communicate openly, and demonstrate their commitment to engaging and growing their employees. What better way to demonstrate commitment than by investing in a thorough, professional approach to unleashing your employees’ capabilities?
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Transistions Require the Big Three

Can or Can't Toggle Switch Committed to Solution AttitudeLife does not go in a straight line. What we plan for doesn’t happen; what we didn’t plan for does! Be it divorce, parents’ death, kids leaving the nest, a firing, a promotion, leaving the military, turning another decade—life just keeps coming at us.

These life events usually involve reflection—whether it’s “What now?” or “Oh, boy!” –about what these occurrences mean to your life, your career, your business, your future.

We firmly believe at that going back to the basics, focusing on the Big Three—Passion, Vision, and Perseverance—will hold you in good stead. It means thinking through:

1. What does your new vision look like, feel like, sound like? Can you see it in your mind’s eye? Where are you sitting, living, working?

2.  In the past, what talents or strengths have been awarded or rewarded? Those talents and strengths are what will give you energy and enthusiasm. If you’ve lost your way, reach out to family and friends and ask them: When you think of me, what words/strengths/talents comes to mind? In those answers, you will find or renew your passion.

3. If you have passion and vision firmly aligned, adversity and obstacles that step in your way will be easier to confront. Put a group of advisors together, hire a coach, find a mentor who can help you over, through and around the rough patches.


Writer Uses Rejection to Land Writing Gigs

Writers and other creative entrepreneurs probably receive more rejections than most. It’s a competitive world, requiring a thickskin. A recent story by Bob Greene on CNN tells how one writer, Chuck Ross, once turned rejection in his favor and made a name, and writing career, for himself.

Ross is a classic self-starter. In brief, after realizing that agents and publishers weren’t even reading the mystery manuscript he submitted, Ross sepia.writing    submitted a verbatim top-seller to see if they would bite at it. He submitted the copied top-seller without the real title or author’s name, and sat back to wait for 27 reviews. Not a single agent or publisher bit on the National Book Award winner.

The lesson? First, Ross took the rejection of someone else’s work even less personally than he had viewed rejection of his own writing. Second, he made lemonade out of lemons. Ross submitted a feature article to a local magazine about the best-selling manuscript submission and rejection. Soon, he was landing plenty of writing work and quit his day job.

After all, what Ross really wanted was to be a writer, and now he was making a solid living at it. This self-starter, who dreamed big, but was willing to adjust his vision, took risks and kept his passion alive. As for rejection, he laughed at it in the face and in print. And he won.

How can you take a similar situation and use it to your advantage?

What Success means to 71% of your employees!

It turns out not much, as 71% of your employees are NOT engaged! just ran an interesting, rather short piece about this 71 percent.

Gives you pause, doesn’t it? Check out the infographic to get a snapshot of the reasons why. And, then take a look at what drives engagement initiatives!

Was someone looking over my shoulder when they wrote this? Because this is what we at Self-Starter Zone are telling companies–Companies succeed when they take their leaders from high potential to high performance. That’s the sweet spot; that’s the spot where excitement, engagement, creativity occurs. That’s how you get unprecedented results.

And, how do you do this? By getting your employees to not just goal-set, but really look deep and get their vision aligned with the company’s goals; get their passion aligned with the company’s passion. Then everything is possible.

Successes, achievements just start pouring in. Goals are realized; miracles happen. Jumping over, through and around obstacles is a snap! Because your employees know why they are persevering, despite the setbacks and issues that arise. They ARE engaged.

Agree? Disagree? Your thoughts?




What do you need to jump start your career?

Does your future look the way you want it to look? Does your life look the way you want it to look? No? Well, that’s A-okay. We have many subscribers to the Self-Starter Zone programs who came to us, convinced they would be at a different place in their lives at this time in their lives. What worked for them? They took action. And that’s what counts when it comes down to it.

We all have times when we feel off center. Those who get back on track take the action steps to do it. Our Jump Start Program is just one of many action steps you can take, but it’s a good one and has made a BIG difference in some subscribers’ lives.

Jump Start focuses on three of the nine Self-Starter Attributes: Vision, Passion, and Perseverance. And you need all three to spring your future into action and onto a pathway to fulfillment.

We believe in our hearts that this is what propels people to the life they want. Check it out!


How Optimistic Are You?

optimismWhen life throws you a curveball, how do you respond? Do you back down under the pressure, or take a leap over the obstacle? Do you say “yes” when opportunities show up, even if you don’t know what might happen next? If so, you are pretty optimistic and see your glass as half full rather than half empty. Good for you! Answering yes to these questions means you have what it takes to be a Self-Starter and make things happen. Because it is up to you to create your future, you know.

Thinking positive is one of the 9 Success Attributes of a Self-Starter. You’ve got to have it if you want to succeed. So think positive and decide what you can do today to counteract that curveball and bypass the obstacle that might show up tomorrow.

The Assessment: What Is It, Why Take It?

Although the Self-Starters I interviewed for my book all considered the 9 Success Attributes as significant to their success, they admitted their attributes varied in strength. We all have different strong suits. The key is knowing what they are. And that’s where the Self-Starter Success Assessment comes into play.

The 75-question Success Assessment is FREE and takes about 15 minutes to complete. Your answers to the questions give you a score for each of the 9 unique Success Attributes and will tell you how YOU function most powerfully in the world.

Chances are you’ve taken other online tests that gave you feedback about your personality type, your strengths, your weaknesses. The difference with the Self-Starter Success Assessment is that it takes you on a deep dive into what drives the Self-Starter in you. You’ll learn where you need to put your best efforts to get the most bang for your Self-Starter buck and zoom you into the success of YOUR life.

Need A Reminder of the 9 Attributes of Self-Starters?

Need A Reminder of the 9 Attributes of Self-Starters?Here they are, along with some words of wisdom!

#1: Vision

Bold visions lead to bold actions.

#2: Passion

If you have passion for what you do, you’ll succeed.

#3: Perseverance

The key to success is never, ever giving up.

#4: Self-Motivation

You make up your life, so why not make it up the way you want it?

#5: Seizing Opportunities

Fear vanishes when you take action.

#6: Risk-Taking

Failure teaches you how to do it right.

#7: Creativity

Do what’s necessary with unmistakable style!

#8: Positive Thinking

There are people who complain and people who create. It’s your choice who you’ll be.

#9: Compassion

To find yourself, lose yourself in the service of others.


Lessons Learned in School

Lessons Learned in SchoolRecently I had the privilege of lecturing on campus at the University of Southern California. I spoke to graduate business students who are in the entrepreneurial track about the 9 Success Attributes of Self-Starters. Their questions were thought-provoking, humble, and serious.

These students are facing an untenable future—careers they thought were available are no longer, an extremely competitive job market, and fear as to what lies ahead.

It should give us all pause: Questions such as:

  • Am I on the right track?
  • How do I know this path is right for me? How do you handle failure?
  • What drives you forward? How do I sort out what my loved ones and friends think I should pursue and what spins my jets?
  • When is linear thinking best and where does creative thinking play out?

Do any of these resonate with you? What are you struggling with as you leave school and enter the workforce?


Reinvention is Key in Today’s Economic Reality

Reinvent YourselfA long article in Pacific Northwest Magazine by Claudia Rowe hit a chord. Her focus was on reinventing yourself as a way of dealing with this crummy economy. Ms. Rowe wrote about those who have built their careers on their strengths; trained all their lives to get where they are, only to see the rug pulled out from under them. And left bereft, anguishing over the loss of their identity, career, and livelihood.

I really believe I am on the right path—helping folks look at their current Success Attributes and access ones that need honing. Then push that Self-Starter button, thus reinvent yourself. Are you in the process of reinventing yourself? Please share your stories so we can all learn.