Ten Tenets to Leadership Success

We know to be successful in your career and in life you must embrace the Big Three Success Factors:Passion, Vision and Perseverance. Nothing can be accomplished without these three in play and aligned.

Additionally, we know that to become a successful leader–dare we say, an entrepreneurial leader?–requires more than just the Big Three Success Factors.

Here are our ten tenets regarding self-starters as leaders:  

1. As a self-motivated professional, self-starters’ core beliefs hold them accountable. These beliefs are the source of motivation for others.

2. Self-Starters believe credibility remains one of the foundations of leadership. This means bringing their vision into reality for others.

3. Self-Starter values drive commitment to others. Self-Starters recognize creativity in others and help drive innovation.

4. Self-Starters focus on the future. Their vision provides direction, energy and a compelling roadmap.

5. Self-Starters believe in something bigger than themselves.

6. Self-Starters believe positive thinking helps others navigate through rough waters and challenges.

7. Self-Starters know that challenges move us forward. Risk-taking is the willingness to stretch, grow, and confront limiting beliefs.

8. Self-Starters actively seize opportunities thus inspiring others to act, follow, and join.

9. Self-Starters are passionate leaders. Passion and heart are behind all visions.

10.  Self-Starter leaders are resilient and persevere. They know challenges can create setbacks, but they move through them anyway.

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Here’s to the Self-Starters that inspire us every day! We’re here to help you achieve your and your employees’ goals.


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Calling All Self-Starters

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