Ten Truths about Self-Starters: The first three

Innovation; bottom line results; creativity; forward movement–all contributions that self-starters can make in companies. Want more of that? Find those self-starters in your organization and let them soar! Turn them from high potentials to high performers.

Three More Tips for Self-StartersSelf-Starters are leaders; they make a difference in life and in organizations. They know and recognize their strengths–we call them their “success secrets.”

Ten Truths about Self-Starters: The first three

1. As a self-motivated professional, self-starters’ core beliefs hold them accountable. These beliefs are the source of motivation for others.

 2. Self-Starters believe credibility remains one of the foundations of leadership. This means bringing their vision into reality for others.

 3. Self-Starter values drive commitment to others. Self-Starters recognize creativity in others and help drive innovation.

Stay tuned for the next three! Do you agree with these truths?