The Assessment: What Is It, Why Take It?

Although the Self-Starters I interviewed for my book all considered the 9 Success Attributes as significant to their success, they admitted their attributes varied in strength. We all have different strong suits. The key is knowing what they are. And that’s where the Self-Starter Success Assessment comes into play.

The 75-question Success Assessment is FREE and takes about 15 minutes to complete. Your answers to the questions give you a score for each of the 9 unique Success Attributes and will tell you how YOU function most powerfully in the world.

Chances are you’ve taken other online tests that gave you feedback about your personality type, your strengths, your weaknesses. The difference with the Self-Starter Success Assessment is that it takes you on a deep dive into what drives the Self-Starter in you. You’ll learn where you need to put your best efforts to get the most bang for your Self-Starter buck and zoom you into the success of YOUR life.