The Three Big Success Factors

You hear a lot in business news about improving company culture and keeping workers engaged to help improve employee retention. All sound advice. But I believe engaging employees offers leaders even more advantages than reducing turnover. Here’s why:

We’ve worked with groups at organizations to help team members bring together three factors we’ve identified as the foundations of success: vision, passion and perseverance. Vision leads successful people by offering a clear picture of personal and professional success. Passion energizes people, which often shows as engagement and commitment. People who have perseverance are masters at finding ways to succeed, no matter the obstacles.

Put these three big success factors together and watch for a breakthrough success. But there’s more to helping employees – even those who score highly in all three success factors – get from A to B. And most importantly, the employee’s engagement, planning, projects and success must align with those of the team and company. Here’s an example:

Let’s say a new marketing employee has some great ideas for improving your company’s social media presence and the proven record of sticking with initiatives. This potential star in your organization is a keeper, and managers should do all they can to keep the employee happy and engaged. The problem is how the new worker’s efforts align with company goals and the bottom line. For example, has the employee shown a clear link between social media followers and click-through to your products or services? Is your target market only semi-active on social media and more likely to respond to direct mail?

To get the most return on your employee investment and any projects teams and individuals lead, you must make sure that potentially successful staff keep the company needs and goals in mind. And helping them make a difference in their career as well as your organization improves their commitment and engagement for the long haul. Here’s how:

  • Share and reinforce your vision. The only way potential self-starters can align their passion and perseverance with your vision is if they have a clear idea of your company’s purpose and their role in achieving company goals.
  • Reward success and creativity. Workers who are committed to their jobs and employers and who are willing to innovate and take risks can get things done. Rewards aren’t always financial – simply asking for input and listening to ideas can encourage those already engaged and helps bring more committed, passionate people on board.
  • Empower employees. Listen to staff and then act. Involve employees in appropriate decisions or strategies, and empower them to take calculated risks. If that’s too risky for leaders, be sure to give employees some latitude, but under set criteria or guidelines.
  • Coach workers through an actual project. Often, leadership programs motivate individuals and teams but only for a peak time right after training. Combining structured process improvement and project planning ensures a more long-term commitment.

Our Fast Track to Success program requires a time commitment from participants and uses coaching and criteria to help employees generate and complete a work-related initiative. Learn more here . Give us a call (425-485-3221) today to find out how we can keep your workers engaged and to help improve employee retention.