Thriving In A Down Economy

The original notion for my book, Secrets of Self-Starters, was to find out from others how they were managing to survive and even thrive in these hard times. Because, trust me, no one has escaped this recession. Some have been hit extremely hard.

But the wisdom, the lessons inspired and motivated me. As I listened to their stories, they shared that when times got tough they dug deep and looked again at their strengths, their talents, their traititudes. They revisited what their original dreams looked like and pushed that self-starter button.

Some just refused to go to that dark, negative place in their head. They surrounded themselves with positive people, whether that was a team of employees OR friends and colleagues. Together they pulled themselves up.

Consider doing the same! Form a group, bond with friends; gather an advisory group to help each other. The synergy, the care, the concern will emanate from the group and move you upward.