Tips for Self-Starters

Don’t Procrastinate

Delaying important tasks that will drive you towards your goal only delays your success. I have seen too many people not reach their potential by not following through, completing projects in a timely manner, or procrastinating to a point of no-return. On the other hand, sometimes letting events unfold as you ponder your next move is a good thing. It’s a balancing act.

Change Your Mind Set

If you find yourself in a deep funk–break the negative thought pattern by doing something else: take a walk or a run; work in the garden; call a friend; go get a latte; leave the room in which negative messages were filling your head.

Come At Your Challenges In A New Way

If you find yourself stuck or discouraged, ask yourself this question: If I reach this goal, how will my life/work/career change? Can you list the ways? Can you post them in your office, bathroom, or on your monitor? What will it look like when you reach your goal? Cut out pictures, draw a picture, memorize an affirmation. Whatever works to get you to persevere–even though times may be tough.