What does Thanksgiving have to do with increasing your bottom line?

Occasionally I like to draw my readers’ attention to noteworthy articles that they may not have had the time to read. This is a precis of an excellent article from The Wall Street Journal on gratitude: Gratitude is Good for Business (11.24.18).

According to the author, Sam Walker, leaders who instill an ethos of gratitude within their companies tend to do better in terms of bottom line results. Walker used the first Thanksgiving as a “case study in how extraordinary leaders build happy, productive teams.”

As stated by Walker, much research on the happiness factor shows that cheerier workers score “higher on engagement, creativity, loyalty, and retention.” What more could you ask for?!

This conclusion goes hand-in-hand with studies around positive work environments that create in turn high performing teams which outperform others in revenue growth, “sometimes by a factor of two to one.”

Add to that my current research on positive thinking (one of our 9 Success Factors), which shows that positivity allows people to flourish rather than languish in negativity. Positive people create a positive environment which creates a great place to work which in turn creates an amazing culture which in turn creates bottom line profits.

Another interesting study that makes this point was done by KPMG. It found that leaders who shared the company’s vision and mission were viewed by 94% of their workforce as a great place to work. What struck me about this is that vision (another one of our 9 Success Factors) is really the key to so much in life in regards to upward motion, satisfaction, focus, accomplishment, and most importantly, success.

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