What Success means to 71% of your employees!

It turns out not much, as 71% of your employees are NOT engaged! just ran an interesting, rather short piece about this 71 percent.

Gives you pause, doesn’t it? Check out the infographic to get a snapshot of the reasons why. And, then take a look at what drives engagement initiatives!

Was someone looking over my shoulder when they wrote this? Because this is what we at Self-Starter Zone are telling companies–Companies succeed when they take their leaders from high potential to high performance. That’s the sweet spot; that’s the spot where excitement, engagement, creativity occurs. That’s how you get unprecedented results.

And, how do you do this? By getting your employees to not just goal-set, but really look deep and get their vision aligned with the company’s goals; get their passion aligned with the company’s passion. Then everything is possible.

Successes, achievements just start pouring in. Goals are realized; miracles happen. Jumping over, through and around obstacles is a snap! Because your employees know why they are persevering, despite the setbacks and issues that arise. They ARE engaged.

Agree? Disagree? Your thoughts?