Wheels Turn for Today’s Self-Starters

Passion – check. Seizing opportunities – check. Compassionate? Of course. And creative to boot. Around the country and the world, self-starters are making the most of creative and brave ideas to try to effect change. And many are doing it with two wheels.

Savvy entrepreneurs are joining their passions for cycling with America’s love for riding to open local bike shops or those that specialize in bike gear. The time is ripe – many cities have become more cycling friendly as they try to cut pollution and support fitness activities for residents. The City of Denver is one of several locales that has set up bike-sharing stations. The program allows riders to purchase 24-hour access to bicycles that are maintained and locked up at stations around town. Although a nonprofit venture, it’s aimed at cutting traffic on city streets.

cycling   An Albuquerque entrepreneur has a Bike-in Coffee Shop with no automobile access. The owner is pushing for bike-in-zoning in the area to allow more businesses to set up shop for bike-only access.

And several self-starters have combined their passion with compassion to find ways that cycling can help others. If you have a bicycle you no longer need, you likely can donate it to someone in a third-world country. One creative cyclist developed a way to filter water through the energy made by pedaling, making it easier for residents of drought-ridden countries to transport water – and make it safe to drink by the return home.