“Why It’s Smart to Be Optimistic!”

That is the title of a short article in Reader’s Digest, December issue. Written by Merly Davids Landau, the article speaks about the importance of optimism. I call this “traititude” positive thinking. One of the pervasive traits profiled in my book, Secrets of Self-Starters.

Landau talks about the health benefits of being optimistic. I will tell you, that positive thinking drives business forward and toward you. Negative thinking does not get you the results you are after.

Now, I’m not talking polly-anna type thinking, I’m talking about looking at life, your situation, with a half-full glass! I’m talking about, and other have spoken about this as well, the attitude of gratitude. It works! Try it!

My purpose is to create a community of self-starters willing to share their stories. Won’t you join me?

How have you turned a negative situation around? Share your story with us.