Will You Disrupt for Success or Fall Behind?

You might have a negative reaction when you hear the words “disrupt” or “disruption.” We’re all taught to conform, and certainly to avoid interruptions or “upsetting the apple cart.”

Market disruption occurs when one individual or organization introduces an innovation that indeed upsets the apple cart. But that kind of upset is what drives innovation – new apple cart designs, new ways of keeping apples from spilling out onto the ground. In other words, disruption driven by innovation also drives success, but only for the disruptor and others willing to innovate!

A recent article in eCampus News argued that changes in higher education are not temporary or to be ignored. If anything, changes in education delivery driven by technology (and innovation!), along with customized learning, are leading the education industry into a state of broad disruption. Ignoring and bemoaning these kinds of changes could lead some institutions into declining enrollment and value. Those who acknowledge disruption – like it or not – are more likely to survive or thrive when disruption occurs.

In fact, disruption is so important in markets that CNBC publishes a list each spring of companies that stand out, the ones investors see promise in. Consider a few examples from the 2018 list:

  • Airbnb, which has completely altered how we book travel lodging.
  • 23andMe, the path to a genetics road-map for individuals to learn ore about their personal genomes and researchers to gather treatment-changing data.
  • Rent the Runway, a way to expand your wardrobe by mail. Users can rent clothing for special occasions and then return it.
  • Pinterest for sharing ideas online, which is now 200 million active monthly members strong.

All these companies disrupted their markets with new ideas or new approaches to adding value to their customers. Why buy a $4,000 gown for your daughter’s wedding when you can rent the same gown for $200 and return it in a prepaid mailer?

Are you taking steps in your organization to innovate? Do you ask for and encourage the kind of thinking and approaches that disrupt the status quo and maybe an entire market? If not, it’s time to look forward and see the vision and possibilities of a future designed by you. That’s a lot better than looking at the backs of your competitors speeding away.

SuccessFactorInc.Net’s nine success factor mindsets include two that lead to the sort of market disruption that propels you above the crowd: Risk-taking and Creativity. They work hand in hand to bring forth innovation. That’s because you can have great ideas but be afraid to try them, or you can take risks without a creative plan to add value people need. Combine them for innovation and you’re golden.

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