“Without Positive Thinking, I Would Have Too Many Reasons Not to Do Something.”

FareStart LogoWe all get sidelined from time to time by something someone says about our ideas, or the “no” we get when we ask for help, or a task we know we should undertake but just don’t want to. Self-Starter Megan Karch says without positive thinking, she would have too many reasons not to do something.

Her work with FareStart in Seattle helps people — who have been beaten down so many times they’re not sure which way is up — to move forward with their lives. Positive thinking is about not looking back, but instead looking forward and deciding what you want and what action you’ll take to get there.

Positive thinking puts you in the driver’s seat! Now, I want you to take those three positive things you wrote down after reading my last blog and sculpt your own can-do attitude. Then inspire the rest of us by sharing your victories.