Write an Effective Vision Statement

Your team can have amazing talent and skills, but you, as the leader, need to create and speak a vision that they can hold on to, refer to, demonstrate to. A vision statement gives them direction. And, although a vision often begins spontaneously and can represent short-term or long-term success, only a passionate conviction to reaching the vision will help them get there with your guidance.

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First, make sure you’ve clarified your vision by working through your values and purpose. Think about any perceived obstacles that could be a deterrent in reaching the team’s vision. Then, take these steps to pull it all together:

  1. What’s the time frame you’ve focused on, or is the vision more vague? Choose how far into the future your vision takes you based on issues that could slow the team down.
  2. Write the vision in an affirmative, present tense. For example, forego words such as “We hope to” and instead use terms such as “We are the…”  or “We have…”
  3. When writing for the team, revisit the first run-through of your vision statement to make sure it matches your purpose and inspires you or team members for success. Then revisit it again, and again as needed!
  4. Once you’ve reviewed and revised your draft vision, have someone else review it. Although we all love positive affirmation, don’t necessarily seek review from your greatest cheerleader. It’s best to choose anyone you trust to give honest feedback.
  5. After initial feedback, revise your vision statement and begin sharing it more widely. Talking about your vision with others makes it real and a little more urgent. It also garners support.

Finally, don’t just leave the vision on your desktop, keep it where all can see it regularly to remind them. It’s also an evaluation tool as to how well you’re working toward your vision for success.

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